Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What defines you?

Are you defined by your shoe size? Does it tell the world you are a good person? A success? A good mom? A good daughter? Supportive partner? Fabulous manager? Stellar employee?

You wear a size 9. I wear a 7. Will you have a better day than me? Are you worthy of a larger salary? Are you a better daughter? A worse mom? I read that Shaq wears a 22 or 23. What does that mean about him? Is he a better citizen than both of us? Other than knowing your size so you can purchase a pair of shoes that fits correctly, does your shoe size matter? Do all of your hopes and dreams depend on the size of your shoe?

OK, this sounds crazy, right? It does, when foot size and shoes are the example.

So, if I agree that this is crazy, then what is the point? Every day, many of us we define our mood, whether it will be a good day or a bad day, if we are a success, a good mom/daughter/partner/employee/neighbor/friend, worthy of a better job/car/vacation/alone-time on something as inconsequential as shoe size. Maybe we judge ourselves on weight...down one pound = good day/good mom/good manager! Up a pound = bad day/bad employee/bad partner. Or maybe we judge ourselves on a job title or salary, yet knowing deep down that we are better educated, work harder, and are a better leader than people who make more money and have better titles than we do.

So, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Focus on the strong, independent, hard-working, caring individual you are and all the good that you do for humanity. You are a good mom/daughter/friend/colleague/partner/neighbor and deserve all the best in life, not because of your weight, salary, or shoe size, but because you care enough about people to listen to their woes, cheer their victories, and give of yourself.