Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Putting an I in Me

I am everything to everyone, but often fail myself.

I make sure my kids get to bed early so they are healthy, well-rested, and ready for the next day, but I am regularly sleep-deprived. I treat my kids to “date with Mommy” where they choose how they want to be spoiled, but I don’t plan a date with my Mom, husband, or make time to be alone. I read and reread books to my kids, but don’t read books that nourish my soul or will help me achieve my educational goals. I read and reread dissertations for fellow graduate students, but I do not make the time to write mine.  I listen to my friends talk about their struggles, but I don’t burden them with things that are bothering me, and so on. I talk negatively to myself, would never accept someone to treat me the way I treat myself, and I ignore my own needs.  

From today, I resolve to treat ME as well as I treat others.

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