Wednesday, July 10, 2013

‪#‎HappyMoments‬ A 30-Day Challenge, Day 28

We are told that it takes 28 days to develop a good habit or break a bad one.  28 days of blogging and I'm addicted! 

Today was a day with many happy moments.  E, the eternal early bird, was ready to play at 6:30am so we gathered a bunch of card games and played Old Maid, War, and Go Fish until the boys woke up.  It was nice to play such simple games in the quiet of the morning.

Although we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, we don't worry about celebrating on the exact day.  It was quite a surprise to have an Edible Arrangement delivered to the house today as an anniversary gift from J, C, and E (I have a feeling that they got a little help from Grandma and Grandpa).  It was a nice treat after dinner, and RJ and I were even able to get a piece or two of fruit.

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