Monday, June 24, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-day Challenge. Day 12

Today had it's ups and downs.  J woke up sick and had to stay home from school - I think he's going to have to stay home tomorrow on the last (and probably best in his opinion) day of school.  At work we celebrated a birthday, had a few laughs, and there were moments of the "good times" we had in the past.   When I got home, my Dad told me that J decided to stay at my parents tonight instead of coming home (probably the most selfish happy moment of any parent- a child who is sick somewhere else) but that meant RJ and I had just C & E. After a quick dinner, we settled down for a family game - Yahtzee - and we played girls against boys.  E started off with a large straight on the first roll and from then on the girls dominated the game.  I told the kids we should make it higher stakes next time - the winning place get to choose the place for ice cream and the losing team has to pay (basically RJ and I pay anyway!), but I think the kids would enjoy the friendly competition.  I'm definitely looking forward to more family game night this summer!

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