Sunday, June 30, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-Day Challenge, Day 18

Today has been a bit of a challenge.  I had happy moments - having a date with E that included buying a new laptop (after my laptop crashed which did not make me happy at all), new shoes, and weekly groceries (also not so exciting), going to lunch, having good conversation, and just hanging out with my best girl, but I'm struggling to be happy while looking at a week of 50% chance of thunderstorms and kids who are antsy to go to the pool, needing to write a letter that will be emotionally challenging as I summarize a horrific year, and motivating myself to finish my dissertation proposal after losing momentum in June.  I've spent the evening reminding myself that a rainy day allows for "school at home" and learning lessons missed or not taught in the previous school year, moving ahead and starting on the curriculum for the next year, and acting out a book, which is our favorite, wrapping up cooking the fabulous produce in our farm box, cleaning and organizing at the house, and just relaxing, playing games, and enjoying each other. 

18 days ago, the forecast of a week of storms and a crashed computer would have sent me into a total tailspin and I would have felt miserable and probably behaved the same way too.  The fact that I have been able to find the good in the lousy weather forecast with chores such as school, cooking, and cleaning, is a stop in the right direction.

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