Saturday, June 29, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-Day Challenge, Day 17

Today I'm tired.  Not the usual hectic, stressed-out, overwhelmed, and depressed tired I usually feel on Saturdays, but a happy, contented tired. 

RJ and my Dad went on their annual overnight to play two rounds of golf and support the local YMCA, so the kids and I packed up and spent the night with my Mom.  "Pack up" sounds funny and dramatic for an overnight, but with three kids and a basement that does not allow for us to hang clothes to dry at this time, "pack up" is what I did.  Bags and laundry baskets of both dirty and clean clothes, hangers, video games, Transformers, superhero action figures, books, stuffed animals, a broken laptop (that I thought I would be able to fix because I moonlight as a member of the Geek Squad), cell phone charger, and three pairs of shoes (plus the ones on our feet - these kids must think life is a fashion show) were shoved in the car and off we went on the 0.75 mile drive.  The night was simple and quiet, and this morning we took the kids to see Monsters U and to buy new sneakers (at least needed because of a growth spurt).  We had a nice day, not just because of the movies and shopping, but because of the simplicity and relaxed nature of it. 

As I type, I hear E and C playing DS in my bedroom, helping each other with games and sharing, and I think that this is what we all need...more time together to enjoy the simple things in life and just enjoy each other.

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