Friday, June 28, 2013

#HappyMoments, A 30-Day Challenge, Day 16

Over the past few months I have been plagued by the same disturbing dream.  I'm driving a car that I can't control and I keep looking around but the scenery doesn't change.  I crash, and when I get out of the car I learn I have hit a wheelchair.  The wheelchair is not damaged and the person standing next to it says that it's fine, nothing happened, and I should go about my business.  I think this dream sums up the unbalanced, out-of-control life I have been living for the past year (or eight).  Over the past 16 days I have been working hard to make priorities (because if everything is important than nothing is important), find happy moments in each day, and remind myself to be thankful, live in the moment, and that many of the things I worry and stress about don't matter.  Maybe it's the mindset, maybe it's the purposeful happy moments, or maybe it's just too much white wine last night, but I did not have that dream and woke up rested.

My summer started today, and in many ways, summer started for the kids too.  I feel today was a new beginning - an opportunity to heal the wounds of the previous year as a family, enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, and focus on each other.

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