Friday, June 21, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-day Challenge. Day 9

Today has been quite a day!  It started with me finding a bat flying around the house after RJ left for work.  Fortunately, E's bedroom door was closed, but before I could dash into the hallway to close the door to the bedroom that J and C share (so I could hide in my bedroom and call RJ or my Dad for help), the bat flew into their room.  I forced myself to face my fears, grabbed a broom and towel, and went into their bedroom, where yes, I thought I would be able to hit the bat and scoop him into the towel (because when I take a break from being a feminist scholar I moonlight as an exterminator).  I was able to get the boys out of their beds and down the stairs while lying to them that it was a harmless bird.  With the door closed and the bat trapped in their room, we were able to have breakfast, get to school, and pretend that it was a normal day.

The second grade put on a production of The Story of Ferdinand, a children's story of a bull that would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights.  J was in the ensemble which was the perfect role for him - he's introverted and I was surprised that he participated at all.  The children were so happy and proud of themselves and it was an excellent performance. 
Friday is CSA pickup day and that is always a pleasant surprise.  Turnip greens, arugula, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, pickles, yellow squash, peas, and fresh pasta...I see cavatelli and broccoli, risotto with peas, and arugula salad with hot bacon dressing in my future (and stay tuned for my book, Why I'm not a Size 0 in stores soon).
After CSA pickup, it was time to address the bat again.  I called an exterminator who apparently prefers termites to bats.  He was on a termite call but I was told to open a window and let it fly out on its own because they would feel bad charging me a service fee to do that.  I told them that I had exhausted all my bravery in getting the boys out of their bedroom and didn't have any left to open the window (my Dad did it for me).  And, I didn't mind paying the service fact I might have given them all of my savings to be free of the bat.
When RJ came home he checked the room and said that the bat was gone.  We started to discuss dinner plans and put away laundry (which is an endless chore when you have children) and RJ discovered that the bat was still in the boys room.  Being very brave, donned in work gloves and goggles and waving a trout net and tennis racket, RJ went upstairs to slay the beast.  He was able to trap it in the trout net secured by the tennis racket and release it into the world when it can eat mosquitoes, torment other people, and make more little bats (I would have killed it, but don't tell PETA).  Batslayer RJ got to choose dinner after his impressive and daring capture and off to Lidia's we went.  A day of many happy moments (even the whole bat thing was's gone!) was capped off with sangria, a delicious dinner, and flan. And since the kids are sleeping at my parents, eight hours of uninterrupted sleep!


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