Friday, June 14, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-day Challenge. Day 2

"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words" - Arthur Brisbane, newspaper editor

I had a really nice day today...a much anticipated vacation day from work.  My son and his fellow second-graders were celebrating their "moving-up" to the blended upper elementary and middle school they will attend next year with an afternoon of pizza, Italian ice, freeze dancing, board games, and face painting.  I don't usually volunteer to assist with these types of events.  I'm always happy to contribute something tangible for the party, but I don't usually participate  I'm not much of a joiner, I'm not part of the Mommy Club, and maybe it's related, in part, to raising my own family in the town where I grew up, my family has lived for four generations, my parents taught at each of the middle schools so EVERYONE between the ages of 22-59 has been a student in one of their classrooms (including me, my husband, friends, etc.), and many of the school personnel call me "Cara" and not "Ms. M" or "Mrs. W" like they do the other parents, but I guess that happens when they remember when you were born, you were their student, and you were a classmate and friend of their child or their classmate and childhood friend.  Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon.  The kids enjoyed playing games, dancing, eating, and a Friday afternoon at school without writing and the usual spelling test.  In thinking about today's photo for the challenge, which of my pictures would be appropriate?    I think this one is the best...J wearing a gold t-shirt, is in the foreground.  I think it was suggested that the children wear their school shirts, but J is not much of a joiner or conformist either, so I dressed him to show school pride in a more non-traditional blue and gold ensemble.  The clear photos of him with his friends will be ours to enjoy...but I think this one shows the festivity and fun of the afternoon.


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