Thursday, June 27, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-day Challenge, Day 15

My much anticipated seasonal unemployment started today at 5pm.  It was a good day, probably the best day at work I've had in a long while.  I was all business this morning responding to emails and wrapping up unfinished projects.  I packed up my office about 30 minutes before I left - and there was something cathartic about it.  In the past, co-workers would joke that I could move out of my office with just one box or bag, but about a year ago I brought in a few boxes of books that didn't fit into my home office bookshelves.  They were second-tier books from college and grad school...books that I may never use again, but I might if I ever taught the right course (and I couldn't bear to sell them or give them away).  Two boxes were all that was needed for my books and personal belongings and other than three personal photos, an inspirational to-do list, personalized stationary, and an amethyst gem tree (all to be displayed proudly in my home office), I have no plans on bringing these things to work in September or beyond.  A co-worker asked if I thought that I wouldn't return in September and although I am sure that I will continue working, I am not sure if I will return to that office, or at least return with a feeling other than that I am short-timing the job.   I don't think I'm cut out for sharing my personal life with my professional life (I'm really OK with co-workers not realizing I have children and thinking I'm more clueless that I look).  Work ended with a few hugs with co-workers and goodbyes to the students, a margarita and too much queso with Sarah Beth, and LIFE began at 6:10pm.

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