Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#HappyMoments A 30-day Challenge. Day 7

Today was a day of many happy moments.  We wished a fond farewell to a great colleague and friend as she embarks on an adventure at Williams College.  Rosanna's presence will be missed by her many friends, Rutgers has lost a strong academic woman, and our students have lost an advocate, but the staff, faculty, and students at Williams will be fortunate beyond their expectations to have her as their colleague and ally.

At home, the contractor was able to dismantle the dilapidated sun porch and we have a clear view of our back yard.  For eight years we've lived with blinds on the sliding glass door that leads from the dining room to the porch so we didn't have to see the disaster built by the former owners that we couldn't comfortably afford to address.  I am positive that in the future we will only close the blinds to block the blinding sun that streams into the room in the morning.

With the school year coming to an end and minimal homework, more lenient bedtimes, no television, and limited access to a good portion of our house, we've had more time to spend together as a family.  E's and C's preschool homework this week included learning the nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet.  I'm not big on reciting nursery rhymes or reading fairy tales with the children.  I think they are a little frightening and cause children to have nightmares and I'm not sure they teach children the right lessons.  Cinderella's step-sisters cut off their toes and heels for the glass slipper to fit - that is gruesome and no man is worth disfiguring your body.  But E and C worked hard to recite the nursery rhyme and it went something like this...

Little Miss Muppet
sat on a tuppet
eating her turds and hay
along came a spider
and sat down next to her
and scared Miss Muppet away

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